portfolio : figures : el pipila
Title: El Pipila
Dimensions: 64" x 28" x 72"
   (lifesize + 1/3)

Medium: Statuary Hydrocal
Year: 1996

El Pipila is a historical figure from the War for Mexican Independence of 1810 in which a single individual played a pivotal role in defeating the Spanish during the first battle in Guanajuato. Taking refuge in the fort-like granary "Alhondiga de Granaditas", the Spanish forces cut down wave after wave of insurgents, who were armed only with machetes, sticks, and farm implements. After massive casualties, hope for victory began to fade for the insurgents until a local miner, known as "El Pipila", came forward and offered to help end the siege. He raised a rectangular stone on his back (to protect himself MORE>